QR code for navigation in Kyoto

This is a collection of QR codes to easily search the route to sightseeing spots in Kyoto.
This collection of QR codes contains popular sightseeing spots among foreign travelers.
After downloading the PDF file, print it on A3 paper and use it.

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QR code for navigation in Kyoto 1
QR code for navigation in Kyoto 2

Download (Kyoto_QR_navi.pdf : 1.44 MB)

How to use QR code for navigation in Kyoto

1. Print the downloaded PDF file on A3 size paper on both sides without scaling.

Convenience store print services (Japanese)
Seven-Eleven (http://www.sej.co.jp/services/print.html)
Family Mart (http://www.family.co.jp/services/print/print.html)
Lawson (http://www.lawson.co.jp/service/others/multicopy/)

2. Fold A3 size paper printed on both sides as shown below.
Fold printed paper to A6 size.

3. Connect your smartphone to the Internet and start GPS,Scan the destination's QR code.

Prepaid data SIM card guide in Japan (English)
Japan | Prepaid Data SIM Card Wiki(http://prepaid-data-sim-card.wikia.com/wiki/Japan)

Public wireless LAN KYOTO Wi-Fi (English)
KYOTO Wi-Fi (http://kanko.city.kyoto.lg.jp/wifi/en/)

4. Open scanned URL,The route to the destination will be displayed in Google Maps.

screen shot 1
screen shot 2
screen shot 3




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